Firmante leg tonic
Firmante leg tonic
Firmante leg tonic
Firmante leg tonic

Firmante leg tonic

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A tonic to strengthen and invigorate circulation to restore flow to the legs. Infused with herbal actives like echinacea, fennel, alfalfa, dandelion, and horse chestnut, Firmante Leg Tonic targets the unwanted effects of circulatory stagnation, water retention, and tissue laxity. The tonic warms on contact and absorbs instantly, leaving legs satin-smooth with a subtle sheen. It also serves as an excellent remedy for combating fatigue due to travel.
  • Horse chestnut, fennel, and red clover detoxify tissues. It also contains saponins in the form of aescin, which reduces fluid leakage and strengthens capillary cell membranes.
  • Horsetail and alfalfa promote protein formation to address tissue laxity, hormonal balance, improved energy extraction, and cellular repair.
  • Black spruce and cypress targets unwanted effects of circulatory stagnation and stimulates blood and lymphatic flow to flush out toxins and excess water.
How to use: For full leg oiling: Post-dry brushing, hydrotherapy, steam room, or sauna, apply one full dropper and massage starting at the feet working your way up toward the thighs and hips.
For sensorial gain: Apply three drops, warm between the wrists, and hold them to the nose and inhale deeply for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Continue with full leg massage or your meditation practice.
For the chakra: Throat and sacral—structure and straightforwardness.
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